Joseph Muhlhausen

Head of Drone Data & System, WeRobotics

Joseph Muhlhausen has over 10 years of experience in GIS, image analysis, large-scale data projects and drone systems design. Joseph joins WeRobotics from the World Bank where he has spearheaded some of the most interesting and challenging drone projects in multiple regions including Latin America, Caribbean and the South Pacific. Indeed, he has led efforts to improve agricultural practices using drone imaging, including a project to assess rice irrigation with thermal sensors in the Dominican Republic. As the founder of CielMap, a drone mapping company, Joseph has worked with local partners to create the first flood model of the Marshall Islands, thereby demonstrating the benefits of using cost-effective drone solutions for economic challenges. Joseph holds a dual degree from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University in Public Affairs, and has obtained a Master’s degree in GIS and Remote Sensing from the UPMC Sorbonne Universités.

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