Kimberly Robertson

Project Director, Decolonial Dream Lab

United States

Kimberly Robertson is an artivist, scholar, teacher, and mother who works diligently to employ Native feminist theories, practices, and methodologies in her hustle to fulfill the dreams of her ancestors and to build a world in which her daughters can thrive. Robertson is an Indigenous anti-violence advocate who has received trainings and certifications from Sacred Circle, the former National Resource Center to End Violence Against Native Women as well as the current National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. Robertson is also an active member of the Los Angeles Indian community.

Robertson earned an MA in American Indian Studies and a PhD in Women’s Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2012. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. Her scholarship centers Indigenous feminisms and focuses on Indigenous resistance to violence against Native women.

Robertson is also the Co-creative Director of Meztli Projects - an Indigenous arts and culture collaborative. Her creative practices currently include screen printing, collage, beadwork, installation art, and zine-making and centers the ideas and practices of ceremony, storytelling, intersecting subjectivities, dislocation, decolonization, and Indigenous futurities.


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