Liat Krawczyk

Founder and Head, Childcare Innovation Lab, NYCEDC

Liat Krawczyk is a Vice President at the NYC Economic Development Corporation and heads the Economic Mobility pillar. She is also the founding director of the NYCEDC Childcare Innovation Lab, which leads research on childcare as economic infrastructure and catalyzes public and private sector innovations that disrupt the field and expand accessible care. Prior, Liat co-led Cyber NYC, NYCEDC's signature program to grow its Cybersecurity industry. Before joining NYCEDC, Liat grew non-profits, startups, social-enterprises, and innovation ecosystems with a focus on social impact tech and real estate/fintech. Liat is co-founder of The Jeneba Project, a nonprofit that runs an excellence high school for girls in Sierra Leone. She is also the producer and director of several documentary films.

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