Meghan Chapman

Membership Marketing Officer, Community, MIT Solve

Meghan’s work at Solve focuses on building and engaging our community of members as they support social impact innovation.

Prior to joining Solve, Meghan helped Belmont Savings Bank, the Boys & Girls Club, Cogent Research, Ameritest Research, and the Phoenix Media/Communications Group to reach their goals of acquiring & retaining customers through multi-channel marketing, improving processes to improve both the speed & quality of deliverables, and understanding their customers using market research.

After a year of study abroad in Japan, Meghan graduated summa cum laude from Emerson College with a B.S. in Mass Communication. 

Meghan has dedicated much of the last decade to supporting the most vulnerable students in her city, in particular students with disabilities. She also travels as often as she can and is building a robust collection of recipes for plant-based meals.

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