Ms. Nisreen Farhan

Chief of Public Affairs, IMF

United States

Ms. Farhan has been working as an Economist at the IMF since 2001. Prior to her role as Chief of Public Affairs, she was an Advisor on Digital Transformation in the Strategy Department at the IMF. The focus of her work is on automation of work processes and integration of IT tools with business capabilities, based on better knowledge and content exchange. Ms. Farhan has experience in economic policy making in countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Previously, she was Chief of Internal Communications at the IMF – working on building internal engagement, consistency of messages internally and externally, and HR-related communications – and Deputy Chief of Public Affairs – where she worked with IMF Management on external communications of the IMF’s policy and country work. Before the IMF, Ms. Farhan taught economics at the University of Durham in the North of England. She holds a BSc in Economics and Statistics and an MSc in Finance and Economics from the University of London, England. She also did her PhD studies in development economics at the University of Durham, England.

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