Oren Oz

Founder & CEO, Nuvo


Oren is the Founder and CEO of Nuvo™, an emerging leader in maternal-fetal connected health. Nuvo™ is committed to reinventing Pregnancy Care for the 21st century with new technology, tools, and practices to improve multi-stakeholder outcomes and “give life a better beginning”.

A data scientist, entrepreneur and father of three, Oren has a knack for identifying life’s pain points and devising creative methods to solve them. He was inspired to found Nuvo™ while he and his wife were expecting their third child and lived through the stressful and personal taxing journey of navigating a high-risk pregnancy. Throughout this high-risk pregnancy, Oren understood that there was an opportunity to reinvent pregnancy care from the ground up. He combined his multi-disciplinary background in technology and marketing to develop Invu by Nuvo™, a connected health platform that is reshaping the current pregnancy care model to provide better data to clinicians and a more transparent and empowering experience for mothers.

Prior to founding Nuvo™, Oren started and led a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, primarily in the technology space. He served in the Israeli Air‐Force Intelligence for 5 years and holds a B.Sc. with honors in Computer Science from Ben‐Gurion University.


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