Patrick Connor

Founder, Sharmada Foundation

Brought up in the United Kingdom, Patrick was educated at Eton and holds a masters degree (M.Phil) from Cambridge University.  He is a spiritual teacher, healer, entrepreneur, yogi, educator, and guide to leaders and groups.  His longing to know the ultimate Truth of existence brought him into contact with many great masters and teachers.  His journey has been one of exploring all possible traditions and pathways of universal wisdom, and integrating these within himself., to accompany others in living their most inspired and compelling lives.  He has become a catalyst and guide for the fullest awakening of the unlimited and untapped Intelligence that lies latent within all human beings (Consciousness), by the most direct means, in the most comprehensive and systematic and fascinating way possible, to assist others to realize their true potential in this lifetime. He is the founder of the Sharmada Foundation, and co-founder of the Project for Humanity (WSS) currently being developed to create a global platform parallel to the current world process, to bring humanity together, in inspired collaboration, and via a guardianship of wisdom and love. His work is dedicated to the Liberation of the human spirit, and to the advancement of global society and community via the transformation of consciousness.

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