Pita Taufatofua

Olympian, Tonga

Pita is a two sport summer/winter Olympian from the Kingdom of Tonga. He grew up in a poor family as a middle child with 6 siblings. He lost his sister to leukemia when he was young. 

He has a University degree in mechanical engineering and has worked as a youth counselor with homeless and disadvantaged youth for over 15 years. His program was one of the most successful in Australia, resulting in thousands of homeless youth moving out of homelessness into successful independent living.

Ever since he was 12 years old Pita had the dream to become an Olympian.  He fought tenaciously for 20 years to achieve that dream and became the first Tongan in history to qualify as a Taekwondo Olympian. He then shocked the world by wearing his traditional Oiled Tongan attire at the Olympic opening ceremony despite being told not to. This resulted in over 200 million google searches for “where is Tonga” and “who is the Tongan flag bearer" within a week.

Two years later he became the first Tongan in history to compete in the Winter Olympics after qualifying for cross country skiing after just 12 weeks on snow. This put him in an elite handful of dual summer/winter Olympians.

His goal in life is to inspire and motivate people all over the world to chase after their dreams no matter how big and to live a life of purpose.

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