Prem Chakravarthy Damuluri

Managing Director, Eesavyasa Technologies Pvt Ktd


I am the managing director and CEO if Eesavyasa Technologies Pvt Ltd ,inventor team of zero wastage water treatment solution and selected as Solver of sustainable urban development solution 2017.Had successfully implement more than 50 plants ranging from 5000lit per day to 1000000 lit or one MLD ZLD nanoemrion wtp solution ,fully automated in different parts of India treating contamination like fluoride,arsenic,iron, hexavalent chromium,cyanide and other heavy-metal from both groundwater and industrial effluents as world first nanotechnology based non chemical nanoemrion solutions which are operational since more than 2 years. As a team head and passionate inventor of ZWW solution,wish to take ahead solution to all corners of the planet and provide zero wastage solutions. Eesavyasa group of companies are located in Hyderabad of southern India ,having excellent record of commercialising the solutions from concept to industrial scale and in growth stage to have a leap to new challenging horizon.Having more than 130 people working in the company , Eesavyasa is emerged already evolved as a reliable innovation hub with many passionate ignited minds working together with commitment and difference.


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