Rebecca Brachman

Co-Founder, Aision Biotechnologies, Neuroscientist, Columbia University

Dr. Rebecca Brachman is a neuroscientist, TED Fellow, and NYCEDC Entrepreneurship Lab Fellow studying how the brain, immune system, and stress interact. She is the co-founder of Aision Biotechnologies, a biotech startup launched from Columbia University developing the first drugs that might prevent psychiatric disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, as well as increase resilience to stress—research recently described on NPR as a “moonshot project… very much needed in the mental health arena.”
Dr. Brachman completed her PhD at Columbia University, prior to which she was a fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH). She is also currently working on a nonprofit venture to create novel financial tools to fund high-risk scientific research and incentivize the repurposing of generic drugs.

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