Dr. Ritu Jain

President of DEBRA Singapore and Director of RDI, APARDO & DEBRA International

Ritu is the President of DEBRA Singapore, the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) patient advocacy and support organisation that she helped establish in 2015. She also serves on the boards of DEBRA International and of Asia Pacific Association of Rare Disease Organizations. Ritu’s focus has been to offer emotional and material support to patients and families, organise local and regional conferences for capacity building and improved delivery of EB care, and advocate for policy changes. As mother of a girl with EB, she is passionate about empowering patients and families to fight for their rights and change what it means to live with a rare disease. 

Beyond her 'rare' work, Ritu is a sociolinguist and teaches at a national university in Singapore.  She is a published author in the field of language management as well as aspects of equity of healthcare. 

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