Sahas Gelli

Innovator for the Future


I am a senior at Greenwood High International School in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am passionate about Anthrobotics and I LOVE Anime and Manga. We are quickly moving towards Artificial Intelligence but while some of us call this evolution I can't say the same. I am working towards creating a new robotic life form which will be able to not just mimic humans but will be able to become humans and become Mono no Aware. To achieve this goal we must first understand what it means to be human ourselves as I believe we are currently living our lives in a monotonous, robotic fashion. By moving towards this goal we will truly evolve as a species as we, ourselves, will further become human. I am working on a Light Novel for MIT Solve where I am creating a story about a young scientist and new robotic life who are discovering, exploring and learning from each other.


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