Wingee Sampaio

Program Director, Cartier Women’s Initiative

Wingee serves as the director of the Cartier Women’s Initiative. Founded in 2006, it is a program that supports women social impact entrepreneurs globally. Her passion in social impact sprouted from her undergraduate days at Berkeley, with a specific passion for empowering women and social impact businesses. She currently also serves on the investment committee of Next Wave Ventures, a social impact venture capital fund investing in social impact early stage businesses. She co-authored “Impact with Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilized Women Angel Investors and Entrepreneur.” Her chapter, “Angel Investing as Self Empowerment,” aims to inspire women to use their wealth to create an impact.

Wingee has had a distinguished career in the capital markets for 15 years at State Street Global Advisor, Barclays Global Investors, and Goldman Sachs & Co. During this time, she was the chairwomen for State Street Foundation (West Coast offices) focusing on work force development initiatives. She was also a board member for Foundation for Sustainable Development for eight years, focusing on micro grants and grassroot development work. Wingee received her BA in economics and East Asian developmental studies from University of California at Berkeley. She has earned the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and Chartered Financial Analyst Designations. She is also a Pipeline Angels Fellow and was one of the LPs in the inaugural US Rising Tide Program.

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