Dr. Wisam Breegi

CEO, Breegi Scientific, Inc.

United States

Dr. Wisam Breegi, the founder and CEO of Breegi Scientific, Inc. (BSI), is an inventor, entrepreneur and human rights activist, with over 20 years of experience in management and preclinical research. Dr. Breegi is the inventor and co-inventor on several patents and patent applications in the fields of wound containment and healing, ophthalmic and sustained drug delivery, and surgical devices. He has a well-established track record in serving and empowering underserved communities. He led a five years’ humanitarian commitment to save lives of persecuted ethnoreligious minorities from the middle east. He organized, sponsored and helped to settle over 2500 refugees in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States. This diverse experience made him capable of tackling complicated and challenging problems with positive outcomes. Dr. Breegi finished his postdoctoral research training in gastroenterology at Tufts School of Medicine. Currently BSI' office at the Build Lab at Boston University and he is an adjunct professor at Endicott College.


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