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Directing catalytic investments to Solve's diverse portfolio of early-stage social entrepreneurs.

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Venture Philanthropy Meets Impact Investing: Solve Innovation Future

Our Mission

Solve Innovation Future is a groundbreaking philanthropic venture fund that directs catalytic investments in Solve’s early-stage social entrepreneurs who are solving the world's most pressing problems.

The Fund: Organized as a donor-advised fund (DAF) with MIT Solve serving as the donor-advisor, Solve Innovation Future (SIF) prioritizes investments in cutting-edge impactful solutions, executing entrepreneur-friendly structures, and fueling effective philanthropy.  SIF has deployed over $1 million to date to more than 12 for-profit Solver team companies that are responding to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has catalyzed nearly four times our investment in additional investment capital towards our Solver teams.

Our fund goal: Solve Innovation Future is actively raising $10 million from philanthropic donors through tax-deductible gifts and grants to ensure continued and catalytic investments in Solver teams scaling and initiating early-stage funding rounds.

"It’s time for a new financing approach to support innovators who are solving the world’s greatest challenges."
- Casey van der Stricht, Principal, Solve Innovation Future

How We Work

Solve Innovation Future advances Solve’s mission to harness and scale social innovation to address global challenges. The fund, held as a DAF, makes smart capital debt, equity, and alternative investments in Solver teams and Indigenous Communities Fellows selected annually through Solve’s open innovation Global Challenges. As SIF investees launch and execute funding rounds, Solve provides these entrepreneurs strategic technical and fundraising advice and access to funding and mentorship networks.

Regenerative fund by design

Proceeds from SIF investments are reinvested into future Solver teams, creating a pay-it-forward mechanism for social entrepreneurs and a renewable philanthropic vehicle for donors.

Solve Innovation Future makes investments on a quarterly basis, using three investment criteria: investability, impact, and additionality. We are most active between October and May. To learn more about Solve Innovation Future, and explore investment partnerships please reach out using the form below.

Become a Funder of Solve Innovation Future

Participate in disruptive philanthropy where every charitable dollar you donate is recycled into future impact investments.

Join the Leadership Circle: The Leadership Circle represents champion funders and thought leaders a part of the SIF fund and within the impact investing space. This dynamic group meets quarterly and explores investment and strategic opportunities to best support fund growth and entrepreneur-friendly financing.

To learn more about becoming a funder or joining the Leadership Circle, please fill out the form below.

Investment Portfolio Spotlight

Access Afya

Country: Kenya
Stage: Post-Seed Bridge; SAFE Investment
Impact: 200k+ people served
Modern healthcare solutions for emerging economies—asset-light clinics, mobile healthcare delivery, data-driven analytics


Country: Chile
Stage: Series A; Equity Investment
Impact: Introduces an alternative to packaging
Vending machines that dispense staple products such as household cleaners "by the gram" rather than via packaged units


Country: United Kingdom
Stage: Post-Series A; Equity Investment
Impact: Average 30% in learning outcomes
Learning and teaching platform that makes individualized recommendations to support personalized learning for students


Country: United States
Stage: Oversubscribed Seed; Convertible Note
Impact: Pilot; improve learning outcomes
Gamified early detection for dyslexia from ages four to eight, developed with Boston Children's, with analytics and guidance for student success


Country: Israel
Stage: Seed; SAFE Investment
Impact: Pre-launch; save up to 1 billion chicks per year
Non-invasive CRISPR-based technology to edit chicken genes enabling a biomarker of the sex of eggs before they hatch


Country: Mexico
Stage: Series; RSA Investment
Impact: 3+ million families impacted
Tailored, developmentally appropriate content for children under five supporting caregivers, educators, and schools

Queen of Raw

Country: United States
Stage: Seed; Equity Investment
Impact: 1+ billion gallons of water saved
Blockchain and machine learning-powered enterprise supply chain waste management and online marketplace for deadstock fabric


Country: United States
Stage: Post-Series; Convertible Note
Impact: Preventing up to 60 million tons of waste from landfills
Circular economy technology to drive visibility, utilization, and management of physical assets for companies, universities, and government entities

Dive Deeper

Solve Innovation Future's 2021 Annual Report

Download the report here.

Download Solve's white paper on investing in social impact innovation.

Download this white paper to learn more about Solve Innovation Future and the answers to key questions around DAFs and early-stage impact investing, including:

  • How do I determine my investment, impact thesis, and process? 
  • How are DAFs commonly misused and how can we bridge this lost opportunity?
  • How can I invest in social entrepreneurs lacking connections to traditional venture-capital hubs?
  • Why should DAF capital be deployed as first-risk capital for early-stage entrepreneurs?
  • How have Solver teams like Access Afya, Kinedu, and Queen of Raw benefited from founder-first investment structuring? 

Access the report here.

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