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Help us select the most promising tech innovators from around the world.

Thank you for your interest in participating as an MIT Solve reviewer! Reviewing is an important step in our process for selecting the most promising innovations from around the world.

Please use this form to indicate your interests and expertise. We will use the information you provide to match you with relevant review and/or technical vetting opportunities. We have a limited number of reviewer slots available for each Challenge. We ask for your understanding if we are not able to accommodate you immediately. However, there will be other opportunities throughout the year. By signing up, you agree to receive communications from MIT Solve, including invitations to participate in Solution Reviews and Technical Vetting in the future. View Solve’s Privacy Policy here.

What do reviewers do? 

Reviewers help to select promising innovations by reading and scoring solution applications to Solve Challenges. All solution reviews happen online via Solve’s open innovation platform. Reviewers generally spend between two and four hours reading and scoring solutions for a specific Challenge. 

Reviewers evaluate solutions on a numerical scale using criteria that usually include alignment, potential for impact, feasibility, innovation approach, and inclusive human-centered design. Reviewers may be asked to read and score solutions for any of Solve’s Challenges including annual Global Challenges and Custom Challenges.

Selection Process

The selection process involves multiple steps and diverse stakeholders. The full selection process usually follows these steps:

  • Screening round: MIT Solve removes incomplete, inappropriate, and ineligible solutions.

  • Review round: Reviewers read and score the remaining solutions. Each solution is scored by multiple reviewers and at least one MIT Solve staff member.

  • Finalist selection: Judges review a shortlist of the highest scoring solutions—usually about 50 solutions. Each solution is scored by multiple judges. Judges may be assigned to evaluate solutions related to their expertise, region, and work area. Judges join a facilitated deliberation call to review solution ranking and agree upon finalists.

  • Technical Vetting: This stage is used in the annual Global Challenges and for some Custom Challenges. Technical Vetters ask additional questions to the applicant about the technology involved in their solution, before submitting a Technical Feasibility score for each finalist and further comments/concerns to Judges and Solve staff.

  • Winner/Solver selection: Judges join an event during which each finalist pitches their solution and answers judges’ follow-up questions. Judges will reconvene to discuss and select the winners/Solver teams. 

General Reviewer Application

This application is for people interested in helping to select our Challenge winners. There are rolling opportunities year-round, and we will store your information and notify you about opportunities that may be a good fit.

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