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Meet the Inaugural Cohort of Black and Brown Innovators in the US

Spotlighting and supporting proximate innovators, specifically in underserved communities has always been a core part of Solve. Utilizing our prominence from being part of the greater MIT community, Solve aims to mitigate global challenges by leveraging novel uses of technology and supporting early stage social impact entrepreneurs. Historical and contemporary manifestations of structural racism have resulted in innovators from underestimated populations, specifically in the US, to be limited in the resources they acquire and therefore the rate at which they can scale their impact. Many of the initiatives geared towards elevating entrepreneurs of color during the height of racial unrest in 2020 have not made their ambitions (or funding commitments) reality. Funding to Black start up entrepreneurs has yet to surpass 1.2% of capital investments in the US and general momentum for these culturally responsive initiatives has been halting

Solve hopes to continue this momentum as a movement and not a moment. Building on our set of work focused on equity for underserved and underestimated communities in the US, this year we launched the Black & Brown Innovators in the US Program. The program aims to provide focused support to US focused Black and Brown innovators working within their communities to advance racial equity solutions across Solve’s Global Challenges. After much deliberation, at Solve Challenge Finals, Solve announced our 2022 Solver Class to the world inclusive of the amazing innovators within this program. 

This year's inaugural class of Black and Brown innovators includes:

  • Tarjimly: Translating for Humanity: The world’s most accessible language service for refugees via an army of on-demand bilingual volunteers and mobile ML matching.

  • MedHaul: Helping healthcare organizations understand and solve transportation barriers for vulnerable patients

  • Carina Care Matching Platform: A mobile first, web-based platform to bring good jobs to care workers by matching them with individuals and families needing care

  • RE-Assist: A patient facing digital health platform that replaces the paper list directory in care planning 

  • Clean Energy Hubs: Anchors in the community -- faith-based organizations and schools -- can showcase and share the benefits of clean energy with the entire community

  • Ava: A space-pirate adventure gaming platform that helps neurodiverse youth learn social emotional skills

Solve is excited to spotlight and support these impactful innovators who are working to mitigate gaps for underserved communities and elevate equity-focused initiatives, and we hope you join us on this journey. 

If you would like to get involved with Solve’s US equity work, learn more here.

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