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Meet the Solver Teams: Introducing our Antiracist Technology Innovators

On March 1, 2021, Solve launched the Antiracist Technology in the US Challenge and asked leaders from communities of color across the country: How can communities of color use technology to advance racial equity and access economic opportunity, health, and safety? The 113 US-based solutions that we received are using technology and community based approaches to support and scale positive impact for people of color in the US: providing equitable access to jobs, credit, and generational wealth; enabling communities to plan and control their homeownership; creating new public safety systems; and minimizing human and algorithmic biases. 

After carefully reviewing these applications, Solve and the Antiracist Technology in the US Challenge Leadership Group selected 15 finalists to pitch their solutions to the Solve community. After much deliberation, our expert judges selected seven7 Solver teams for our  Antiracist Technology in the US Challenge. We are thrilled to introduce the 2021 Antiracist Technology in the US Solver Class: 

Exhale App

EXHALE, based in Indiana, is the first emotional well-being app designed specifically for BIWOC, by BIWOC.


finEQUITY, based in New York, provides free access to credit and capital for community members released from prison to unlock housing, employment and affordable rates. 


Irth, based in New York, is a "Yelp-like" review and rating platform for Black and brown parents to leave doctor and hospital reviews.


JusticeText, based in California, improves criminal justice outcomes for indigent Americans by expediting the review of body camera footage, jail calls, and more.


NEXUS, based in Texas, is a cloud based platform where BIPOC-led organizations discover data, share analysis, gain funding and team up to tackle racial equity issues.

Thrive! Equity Audits

Thrive! Equity Audits, based in Massachusetts, is a software that identifies systemic racism in local government budgets to move money and power where they belong to break cycles of poverty.

Weird Enough Productions 

Weird Enough Productions, based in Georgia, uses diverse superheroes and comic books for antiracism and social emotional learning in schools. 

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can support these innovators, and learn more about joining Solve as a Member.

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