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Pitch Video: How Survivors Can Fight Human Trafficking with Tech

In her pitch, Founder and CEO of AnnieCannons Jessica Hubley asks you to imagine for a moment the problems you’d have to solve to survive hunger, homelessness, brutal beatings, psychological warfare, and forced pregnancy—all with no money, and nowhere to turn. You’d have to actually outsmart organized crime.

Here’s the idea behind AnnieCannons: Transform survivors of human trafficking into software developers so that they sustain a life free of exploitation.

AnnieCannons trains survivors with the high-income skills that make them valuable to tech companies, and AnnieCannons works with those tech companies to help contract product and service development to its students.  

That’s how AnnieCannons leverages survivors’ talents to help empower all exploited people through tech.

“You see, AnnieCannons students are all very different people from very different backgrounds but they have one thing in common: They’re natural problem solvers.” —Jessica Hubley

For AnnieCannons, people who can navigate and survive such horrible hardship have the kind of problem-solving ability that makes for excellent coders and software developers. 

Watch Jessica Hubley pitch AnnieCannons at the Solve Challenge Finals before becoming a Women and Technology Solver:

Read the solution application for AnnieCannons. Do you have a software project that can be contracted to these amazing problem solvers? Consider hiring AnnieCannons! Reach out at

Jessica Hubley pitches at the Solve Challenge Finals in the Women and Technology Challenge, September 17, 2017. (Photo by Samuel Stuart / MIT Solve)

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