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WATCH: Kicking Off the Pitch Series with AR and Brain Health

Over the summer, Solve challenged entrepreneurs and innovators around the world to show how every person can improve their brain health and mental resilience.

Out of almost 130 teams who applied from around the world, Augmented Reality Neurorehabilitation Therapy was one of the amazing tech-based solutions that Solve received:

How are they answering the Challenge question? AUGMENTx makes neuro-rehabilitation more accessible and effective for patients living with stroke, phantom limb pain, and other forms of chronic limb pain with mirror box therapy using augmented reality, or “AR.” 

That’s right. They’re using AR to help with rehab for neurological diseases and long-term disability.

The team’s vision is to make the therapy available to all stroke and limb amputation patients around the world at an affordable cost.

Watch their pitch from the Solve Challenge Finals. You’ll get to hear their story and see how they answered questions from our judges.

And now, here’s the first pitch in this video series from the Solver teams:

Read the solution application for Augmented Reality Neurorehabilitation Therapy. Interested in partnering with them as they pilot and scale their pitch? Solve wants to hear from you. Reach out at

Dr. Albert Kwon pitches Augmented Reality Neurorehabilitation Therapy at the Solve Challenge Finals, September 17, 2017. (Photo by Samuel Stuart / MIT Solve)

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