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Pitching Their Stories: Watch This New Series on the Solver Teams

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re solving a big, global problem. How do you tell your story? What will bring in your audience? Are you ready for their questions?

In September, MIT Solve held the Challenge Finals during the United Nations General Assembly week in New York City. 68 teams pitched their stories for the chance to become Solver teams. The judges selected the 38 teams who will work with Solve over the coming year to build partnerships with cross-sector leaders as they pilot, scale, and implement their solutions.

This new video series will tell the stories of the Solver teams by showing their pitches to the Solve community:

Solve will release a cut of one pitch each week to tell our Solver teams’ stories. Those videos will show their 3-minute pitches and some of how they answered the tough questions from our judges. 

How can you watch?

Tune in each week right here on our blog. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you want to learn about our Solver teams,
if you want to see how they pitched in New York,
if you want to hear their stories,
if you care about brain health, and sustainable urban communities, and women and technology, and the workforce of the future,
this is a series that is made for you.   

We can’t wait for you to join us.

And now get ready for your first pitch video from our Brain Health Challenge: Augmented Reality Neurorehabilitation Therapy.

The audience watches the pitch stage during the Solve Challenge Finals in New York City, September 17, 2017. (Photo by Samuel Stuart / MIT Solve)

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