Vote for 2020 Challenges

Help design the next Solve Global Challenges by sharing your input on the most pressing issues in your community.

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You’re invited to help design the next Solve Global Challenges by sharing your perspective on the most pressing issues in your community. Now through February 9, we want your input on the specific topics that we should focus on within our Global Challenges launching in late February 2020.

Vote Below!

Vote on the questions below that are most relevant in your community. You may vote as many times as you like. If you think a topic is missing, add your own idea for consideration.


Other Considerations

  • New topics submitted will be reviewed by Solve before others vote on them.
  • Topics are displayed at random.
  • Results will be combined with perspectives from the Solve community, including Solver teams, Members, sponsors, advisors, and the MIT community. We are also working with Solve Members to host Challenge Design Workshops around the world.
  • If you want to stay engaged in the Challenge design process and our next Challenges, sign up to receive emails from Solve!
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