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How much does this cost?

Vaughn Vargas

Hello Shelly,

Thank you for the question. The initial technology/methodology required an aerosol jet research grade printer which was about $400k. A reading device was about $1200. The vanadium up converting nanoparticle ink formulation is about $10 a milliliter. This isn't including the cost of a near-infrared laser.

However, there has been much advancements in this research. My former professor at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has demonstrated the ability to use common desktop printer which is about $50-75. Also, the reader of the nanoparticles has been shifted to a smart phone platform.

It's been fascinating to be part of this research. This technology is primarily used for microchips and pharmaceuticals. The development has made it practical for the Native American Arts and Crafts Market. A rough estimate for an artist to use this technology would be $0.10 per mark/print.

Authenticity is primarily used for a value-added factor. Considering how big the counterfeit Native American Art Market, authenticity is certainly needed for this demographic. It is certainly worthy of the campaign that MIT can help bring to fruition.

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