JC JC Jaimy Criswell

In response to Film your elevator pitch.

This innovative solution would have been helpful for me after graduating, it appears to offer positive pathways for each person in the program.

Andrew Tein

In response to What is your solution?

How are placement rates looking in terms of employer connections?

TB TB Tracy Bledsoe

In response to What is your path to financial sustainability?

Given that your team and solution is currently in a strong financial position, why should you receive the money over a solution team that has not had a chance to become established due to funding?

TB TB Tracy Bledsoe

In response to What is your solution?

How does you solution model work better than other models that have been used for the last several years, including Linkedin?

YJ YJ Yvonne Jones

COOP is a wonderful program and the details are very specific and on point. However, a great addition to COOP would be the local Child and Family Services and the unemployment office . COOP could receive referrals from the state level if the relationship is developed. COOP could service participants on public assistance or unemployment who have earned a degree yet are unemployed and that meet the income requirements.

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