EA EA Earl Arnett

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SR SR Susan Ryan

Congratulations to StrongMinds on becoming a 'Solver'. Your work is so very worthwhile, and with Sean Mayberry leading you, I know women with depresseion in Uganda are in very good hands. Well done!.

AM AM Ashley Michel Nemiro

I would vote for Strong Minds any day! The work they do is life changing/ saving.

Sarah Simon P.E.

In response to Our solution's stage of development:

Could the methods also (eventually) be transferred to groups for any disillusioned and angry youths ready to join a gang or radical group?

Sean Mayberry

Thanks for the very interesting question, Sara. StrongMinds Therapy Groups are based on the principles of Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-G), which is a simple, proven, and cost-efficient community-based model to treat depression that focuses on relationships among group members. The therapy is time-bound and based on the principle that life events affect a person's mental well-being. Recent research on IPT-G has shown positive outcomes for many suffering from depression as well as other mental illnesses including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, we are not aware of any research that would substantiate using IPT-G for radicalized youth.

YW YW Yung Whei Wang

In response to Why we're applying to Solve:

Solver is a great place to share thoughts for Depression related solutions!!
We all will be more connected, less isolated, more open, more caring.

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