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Ubongo Edutainment

Bridging the digital divide with fun learning content distributed through the networks and technology African kids already use

Team Lead

Fatema Ismailjee

ES ES Eliza Squibb

This is amazing work! The Ubongo team has my fullest support! ~MIT D-Lab Lecturer

A User

The impact that Ubongo has made in early childhood development deserves more than my vote, you earned it. Keep pushing in democratizing learning environment to all African kids.

SL SL Scott Ligon

Our grandkids used this as supplemental when they lived in Kenya, as well as many of their classmates - great resource - well built and relevant material!

FI FI Fatema Ismailjee

Thank you so much Scott!

BS BS Bradley Shaw

Well Deserved. The constant feedback loop that Ubongo has created with its community is one of the strengths that shows through in the content. Kids love it because it was made with them in mind. And the constant feedback from this community shows the Ubongo team what works and what doesn't. This is how Education should be done. Congrats Team Ubongo. Love watching what you are all achieving.

FI FI Fatema Ismailjee

Thank you so much Bradley. It is so essential for us to keep co-creating with kids to produce content that is relevant and relatable to them. And, the process is a lot of fun too!

SI SI Sidi Iha

Ubongo has been very educative to my children especially during Covid 19 and lock down. They deserve to win as they holistically educate and teach in a way that our kids enjoy every bit!

FI FI Fatema Ismailjee

Thank you so much Sidi. We are so happy to hear that!

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