Frontlines of Health

Refugee Health Workforce

Deploying blockchain tech to recertify refugee healthcare workers

Team Lead

Franklin Shaffer

BL BL Bernard Lunn

A really innovative approach to an important problem

Dr. Michael Bleich

I believe strongly in the value of this work and the contribution you are making. I have just sent this link along to nearly 20 healthcare leaders. Your partnerships are sound and your experience is superb to facilitate these needed providers to be able to serve again -- to those in dire need.

Wendy Wang

Consider explaining a bit more about how this solution would support or invest in frontline health workers and/or services. Make sure that the judges reading your application can see the clear connection between your project and the Challenge’s specific focus for 2018!

Try to provide specific, concrete details regarding how Solve can advance your project and help you overcome key barriers, if your team is chosen.

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