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The Last Mile

Reducing recidivism through in-prison tech education and post-incarceration mentorship

Team Lead

Beverly Parenti

RM RM Ryan monsurhossain96

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WF WF Woodrow Frantz

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Chris Schuhmacher

The Last Mile was a game changer for me in terms of my incarceration and rehabilitation. My greatest fear while I was inside was what would life be like for me once released. Would anyone be willing to give me a chance? I had been in prison for 14 years with zero access to computers and technology before The Last Mile founded the Code.7370 web development program at San Quentin.

I received two and half years of training before being paroled in 2017 which allowed me to apply what I had learned in pursuit of my dreams of becoming a coder. I went on to work for The Last Mile in development of their learning management system which is now being rolled out to men's, women's and juvenile facilities across the country. It's very rewarding to be able to give back to the mission that has given me so much.

For the past three years, I've worked as a software engineer for Fandom where I continue to build on the training I received through The Last Mile and continue to push forward developing a successful life post incarceration. I found that with hard work, determination, belief in the process and The Last Mile, that there is opportunity after prison and that my best is yet to come.

SL SL Simon Liu

I graduated from TLM. After spending 21 years in prison since I was a teenager, I now work at Jessica Mckellar's Tech company as a software engineer. Thanks to TLM and Pilot. Now I have a great job and have to ability to give back in our mutual aid network (Bay Area Freedom Collective) to help others build a better life!

JM JM Jessica McKellar

I am a founder and the CTO of a tech company that has hired multiple graduates from The Last Mile.

I am also part of a mutual aid network that provides re-entry support to people leaving California prisons in a variety of circumstances. I've seen how difficult it is for many people who did not have access to a program like The Last Mile to get jobs.

Programs like The Last Mile help formerly incarcerated people build careers, increase public safety, and enable the state to redirect funding from recidivism to community health. All of our incarcerated community members need access to a program like this.

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