Learning for Girls & Women


Yiya AirScience

Increasing access to education for rural African girls by providing interactive STEM learning experiences via basic keypad phones and radios

Team Lead

Erin Fitzgerald

ER ER Eugene Ray

Your topic is very nice and helpful to us .Thank you for the information you wrote.


EA EA Emmanuel Angoda

Great project. All the best of luck.

Matt Parker

Great application. You mentioned some other groups are poorly copying your approach with USSD - what are they doing poorly?

OP OP Oys Pearl

This is a creative resolution to the schools being closed while also reaching many of the unenrolled - girls and young women - who could not afford school fees.

Well done!

LW LW Linzee Weld

Wow - what an amazing solution. I have travelled extensively in Uganda and this program can work and it apparently has already launched to great response.

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