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Well I think this is one of the most debatable topic of the era, what is the difference between Travelling and Tourism? I have checked a few blogs where they tried to distinguish the two words but none of the article clears the concept.

Before I delve into the concept of Travelling and Tourism it is important to describe the words ‘Passion’ and ‘Hobby’. It is the difference between something one cannot live without and something you do in free time. Hobby is an activity we do in free time and Passion is the activity we are born to do.

Now I would put ‘Tourism’ and ‘Travelling’ into the box of ‘Hobby’ and ‘Passion’. ‘Travelling’ is passion of ‘Travellers’ whereas ‘Tourist’ travel in their leisure time. To be very specific a ‘Tourist’ might have travelled once one in life but a traveller cannot survive without travelling.

There are many other differences too.

A tourist would go to some specific ‘tourist spots’ yeah that’s how the name came but a traveller has no limit. A traveller can go to those depths of the world where a tourist can never imagine going.

You would seldom see a tourist travelling alone on the other travellers love to travel alone and explore new destinations.

A tourist would rather stay in a comfortable place and eat at decent restaurants while travelling, a traveller could even sleep a sleeping bag and eat almost anything edible while travelling.

You would find a number of tourism packages but can you possibly find a travelling package?

Travellers would research about a place all by themselves before going, Tourists would read a traveller’s experience of travelling.

I guess now the difference of Travelling and Tourism is quite clear. That’s all folks, if you wanna know more differences of two closely related words write the comment section below.

Till then, Happy Reading!!

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