Philip Jennings

How will this help someone make a living?What level of know how is required?

Joshua Haas

Hi Philip, great questions!

Re: know how, we view learning Bubble as being about as hard as learning Excel or Photoshop. It's a professional tool and requires some training, but the learning curve is achievable for anyone with decently-strong computer skills and requires no specialist education.

In terms of helping someone make a living, this changes the game for a lot of our users in terms of what they're able to create. We've seen a number of people enter into business as professional software builders using Bubble, a field that was previously only open to people with years of programming training. We actually just interviewed one of our users who made this transition: https://blog.bubble.is/hello-again-an-interview-with-coaching-no-code-apps-cae80dc7a6a4 />
We also see users starting new businesses that they wouldn't have been able to get off the ground prior to Bubble existing. If you're curious, you can see some examples on our Showcase page: https://blog.bubble.is/hello-again-an-interview-with-coaching-no-code-apps-cae80dc7a6a4

CA CA Claribel Avila

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Emmanuel Straschnov

Indeed, we just did.

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