at the 2018 Solve Challenge Finals

Apella | New York City

The Solve Challenge Finals in New York City will bring together selected innovators to pitch their solutions to a panel of expert judges and a live audience on Solve’s 2018 Global Challenges: (1) Frontlines of Health, (2) Coastal Communities, (3) Work of the Future, and (4) Teachers & Educators. Those chosen by our judges become part of the next Solver class, joining the Solve community to build partnerships with cross-sector leaders that help pilot, scale, and implement their solutions.

If you're ready to tackle the Challenges, apply today to become a Solver and for a chance at up to $650,000 in potential funding.

If you’re interested in attending to hear from all of the finalists, find out how you can become a member of Solve, or reach out to us at

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