Abhishek Gupta

Co-Founder, ENERj

Abhishek Gupta is an entrepreneur based out of Montreal, Canada who is deeply passionate about reframing how we address climate change. He graduated from McGill University, Canada with a degree in Computer Science and has a strong background in cybersecurity through his work on digital identity solutions at Ericsson.

Abhishek founded ENERj in 2016 with an aim to make tangible impact on the global crisis of climate change. He's a firm believer in how communities via a bottom-approach can trigger meaningful contributions towards what is arguably the toughest challenge we face as a species.

He was a Prestige Scholar at McGill and has augmented his technical and leadership experience with an extensive array of projects in the McGill community and beyond. He derives great pleasure from trying to solve hard, intractable problems and is driven by a strong sense of disrupting the status quo through an antidisciplinary mindset.

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