Adam Flynn

Chief Technology Officer, ForeLight Inc.

United States

Challenge: How Can Individuals and Corporations Manage and Reduce their Carbon Contributions? 

Solution: Forelight

Forelight is using engineering and design to industrialize photosynthesis in the same way that engines have industrialized respiration over the last 100 years. Using modular reactors and a natural strain of algae, they can absorb CO2 and produce food protein at a cost orders of magnitude below current practices.   

About Adam

Adam Flynn was a reactor operator with the United States Navy’s Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Program, after which he spent five years with the University of Chicago before co-founding ForeLight, Inc., in 2013. As Chief Technology Officer, Adam draws on his unique background in nuclear engineering, project management, and the operation and maintenance of complex systems to bring about carbon-negative, industrial scale photosynthesis.

At this point, his bucket list consists of a single item – a Martian retirement.

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