Amy Jo Dowd

Former Head of Evidence, LEGO Foundation & Independent Consultant

Dr. Amy Jo Dowd is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard’s Graduate Schools of Education who has over a three-decade career followed her passion for using rigorous research to innovate and improve practice in education and child development across the globe. She built and led a team of 11 researchers at Save the Children to support evidence generation and use to ensure all children learn essential skills. The development and field-testing of Literacy Boost now implemented and evolving in partnership with communities and ministries in dozens of countries transformed the way that Save the Children and World Vision use data to support families and children to reach their potential. Building from there, Dr. Dowd and colleagues developed, tested and scaled numeracy and preschool interventions as well as the International Development and Early Learning Assessment. She then moved to the donor side, to consolidate MEL and research groups into one 17-member Evidence Team at the LEGO Foundation, led investment and learning from $10M in 2020 COVID distance learning response and enhanced adaptive management in Foundation projects. She is currently an independent consultant continuing to promote evidence use in ensuring learning at scale with equity.

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