Dr. Benjamin Hounsell

Head of Implementation Research, Samuel Hall

Challenge: How Can We Improve Learning Outcomes for Refugee and Displaced Young People Under 24? 

Solution: School in an app: Immersive education through innovative mobile gaming

Dr. Benjamin Hounsell is Head of Implementation Research at Samuel Hall and has over 14 years of experience as a researcher, and development practitioner in low and middle-income countries. Having built and sold his only tech start-ups, he has a longstanding background in technology and innovation, coupled with many years of experience in East Africa, West Africa, and Afghanistan where he has developed novel approaches to data collection and analysis in challenging environments, as well as evaluating and developing innovations that enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian interventions. Hounsell has managed and authored multiple strategic evaluations for a range of organizations including UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Terre des hommes. He is currently supporting a number of multi-country initiatives across East Africa - using technology to gain a better understanding behind drivers for migration and the many ways refugees use tech to support their journey.

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