Emma Yang

Founder, Timeless

United States

Hailed by former US Attorney General of New York Preet Bharara as one of 100 extraordinary change-makers and by Susan Cain of Quiet Revolution as one of the great writers and thinkers of her generation, Emma Yang is a rising college freshman from New York City, a 3-time Carnegie Hall performer, TEDx speaker, MIT Solver, and the Founder of Timeless, a startup that empowers Alzheimer’s patients to stay engaged and connected to their loved ones. Since its inception in 2016, Timeless has garnered many awards and has been featured in media around the world, including Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, BBC, CBS, and South China Morning Post. In 2017, Timeless was selected as the winner of the MIT Solve Brain Health Challenge out of nearly 1,000 teams from 103 countries, making Emma the youngest Solver ever at age 13. In 2018, Timeless was named the Grand Prize Winner of the Women Startup Challenge hosted by Women Who Tech and Google. In 2019, Timeless was recognized by Bayer as one of the Aspirin Social Innovation Award winners.


Emma is passionate about computer science, music, history, and languages. In 2016, Emma was named one of New York’s 10 Under 20 Young Innovators to Watch and Crain’s New York’s 20 Under 20. In 2017, Emma was selected as one of the 100 Faces of Impact globally. In 2019, Emma was selected as one of the thirty World Science Scholars in the world. Aside from her school and entrepreneurship life, Emma is also a contributing writer for Quiet Revolution’s Quiet Diaries, a space for young voices to post their perspectives on life, and for Evoke, a community of optimists hosted by Melinda Gates.


A frequent panelist and keynote speaker at national and international forums, Emma advocates for women and girls in STEM and for empowering the elderly community, a population that is underserved by technology. Emma frequently speaks about these key issues at panels and keynotes in national and international forums, such as TEDxFoggyBottom, Talks at Google, the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, Women Who Code, and the Asian American Community Development Conference, to name a few. Most recently, Emma co-founded the Wolfram Middle School Summer Camp, a summer program that introduces girls to computational thinking, with the inaugural camp being held virtually in June 2021.


Born in Hong Kong, Emma is fluent in English and Chinese, and is learning Ancient Greek, Latin and French. Her goal is to speak as many languages as possible. She loves film photography, knitting, and the webcomic xkcd.



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