Joy Wojiambo

, Kytabu Inc


Born in Kenya as the second child to a middle-class family of a boy and a girl, I saw the challenges that being a young woman in a country working to overcome patriarchy can be like for a young girl. As the C.O.O. of Kytabu and one of the youngest female tech company C.O.O.s in a startup in Kenya, I can aptly appreciate the uphill task and the sheer dedication young girls and women need to get ahead in a system built up against them. I am passionate about STEAM education for girls and the opportunity technology can provide in equalizing the learning employment arena for women. I have use my personal and career experiences to help teenagers and young adults overcome the side effects of low self-esteem issues and provided them with the support they need to be more than they believe. While my focus is on project management, I also provide mentorship to teenage girls and young single mothers dealing with low self-esteem and other issues of their own. I am a degree holder Project Management and Community Development with certification in Counseling and Youth Leadership.


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