Kathy Shirin Benemann

Chief Strategy Officer, Erudite AI

Challenge: How Can We Improve Learning Outcomes for Refugee and Displaced Young People Under 24? 

Solution: Erudite AI: A Deep Learning, Knowledge Exchange Platform

Kathy Benemann is a 15-year veteran as an edtech industry leader, learning sciences researcher, and educator.  She delivers technology-powered solutions for global schools, publishers, investors, nonprofits, and startups that results in education impact and organizational growth.  Benemann co-leads Amal ou Salam, an NGO that provides education to thousands of Syrian refugee youth.  An Iranian immigrant herself, she travels to Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey to directly deliver student instruction and teacher training.  Equipped with both field experience and expertise in educational technologies and entrepreneurship, Benemann serves as Chief Strategy Officer of EruditeAI, which aims to radically reduce the cost of one-to-one tutoring and exponentially scale peer learning using Artificial Intelligence systems.  In pitching her solution for Solve’s Refugee Education challenge, she hopes to enable EruditeAI to empower refugee youth as the future generation of global leaders.

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