Lorez Meinhold

Executive Director, Caring for Denver Foundation

Lorez Meinhold is the founding Executive Director of Caring for Denver Foundation, funded by Denver and created by voters on November 16, 2018 to help address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs. The mission is to support community-informed solutions, dismantle stigma and turn the community’s desire to help into action.

Lorez has more than 20 years of health care policy and fundraising experience as a director of multi-lateral initiatives involving the public, private, and civic sectors, working at the local, state, and national levels and experience with a broad range of stakeholder engagement formats includes public engagement processes and community meetings, advisory committees, and stakeholder dialogues to inform policy. Participants encompass state, local and national government agencies, business, advocacy organizations, community members and leaders, academia, providers, insurers, elected officials, foundations, professional associations, research entities, local public health entities, and individual subject matter experts.

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