Lucrezia Bisignani

Founder & CEO, Kukua

United States

Challenge: How Can We Improve Learning Outcomes for Refugee and Displaced Young People Under 24? 

Solution: App to teach reading, writing and improve psychosocial well-being of children

Kukua's game-based learning app, SEMA, is a highly engaging, open source mobile game that empowers refugee children aged 5-10 to master basic reading, writing, and numeracy. SEMA takes learners on an exploratory journey entirely inspired by local culture, myth, and folklore. The game uses a user-center design approach to inform all aspects of SEMA’s research, design, and testing.  

About Lucrezia

Lucrezia Bisignani is the founder and CEO of Kukua, a startup company that leverages new media and technology to empower children to learn through magically engaging experiences. With the mission of eradicating child illiteracy, along with a stellar international team, she built SEMA: a mobile game that teaches illiterate children in Sub Saharan Africa and Syrian refugee children how to read, write and do basic arithmetic while playing. Bisignani is a design thinker at heart, travelled through most of the developing countries across all continents, and spent time living in rural communities in Africa and visiting refugee camps in Lebanon to build SEMA. She is a graduate of Singularity University in Silicon Valley, she was nominated amongst the 100 most influential Italian women in technology and was selected by Global Learning XPRIZE to speak at WIRED 2016 as one of the women who are changing the world.


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