Malena Gonzalez

Co-Founder, NutriCount Inc.

United States

Challenge: How Can We Help People Prevent, Detect, and Manage Chronic Diseases, Especially in Resource-Limited Settings? 

Solution: NutriCount - An Unconventional Approach to fight Diabetes & other chronic diseases 

NutriCount helps Type 2 Diabetes patients and others with chronic diseases improve their nutrition at every food purchase. We do this by asking them to take pictures of their grocery receipts and we turn them into nutrition information, recommendations, and incentives. For providers and payers, we enable them to monitor and proactively intervene patient's nutrition in between hospital visits.

About Malena

Malena Gonzalez has 10+ years of experience working in startups and Fortune 500 companies. She is passionate about solving the healthcare challenge, which inspired her to start NutriCount in 2016. Prior to that, she was the Head of Finance at Schneider Electric, overseeing the $1.5B Datacenter division. Throughout her career she has worked in a number of different roles in manufacturing, supply chain, sales operations, and finance. Gonzalez holds an Executive MBA degree from MIT Sloan. 


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