Nicole Hu

Co-Founder and CTO, OneConcern

Nicole Hu is a computer scientist and was named by the Forbes magazine as one of the world's top thirty innovators, in its Forbes 30 under 30 edition, for Enterprise Tech, in January 2016. Hu currently serves as the CTO and Co-Founder of One Concern, a Palo Alto-based benevolent AI company with a mission to save lives and livelihoods before, during and after natural disasters. As the CTO for One Concern, Hu leads the company’s diverse team of technology specialists and hazard scientists, combining AI and human learning to predict the impact of natural disasters including earthquakes, floods and fires. Prior to launching One Concern with her co-founders, Ahmad Wani and Tim Frank. Ms. Hu received her Master’s degree in machine learning from Stanford, where she studied under noted AI pioneer, Andrew Ng. Prior to Stanford, she had the opportunity of working on exciting projects at Flipkart, the fastest growing e-commerce platform in India.

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