Paul Robinson

Executive Director, RISE || Judge for The RISE Award for Coastal Community Resilience

Dr. Robinson is currently the Executive Director of RISE, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing innovative technologies in the resilience sector.  Norfolk Virginia, where RISE is based, is one of the country’s communities most threatened by sea level rise. Funded at $10M, RISE aims to grow resilience-related businesses in the local area and assist in access to the worldwide market for their technologies. Dr. Robinson is the founder and CEO of AeroTech Research, a company specializing in weather hazard detection for aircraft.  Dr. Robinson is also Senior Advisor to Focus Investment Bank, in the areas of Government, Aerospace, and Defense.  He is also a member of a local angel investment group 757 Angels, and Abundance 360.  He also works with several startups in technical and managerial roles.

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