Samip Desai

Mechanical Engineering Student, Duke University

Challenge: How Can Individuals and Corporations Manage and Reduce their Carbon Contributions? 

Solution: Pivotal Aero – A Hybrid Wind Turbine for Nano Grid Settings

Samip Desai is a senior at Duke University studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics. He is passionate about strategy, big data, and finance and is currently primarily interested in sustainable development for the developing world. Desai joined Pivotal Aero Turbines in the summer of 2014 and has since helped the team on a variety of different projects, including leading the effort to be selected as top 15 finalists in the 2015-2016 Duke Startup Challenge. He has also participated in research at Duke and at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, developing a solar-powered autoclave for medical clinics and a control system for a biomass gasifier to combat issues of energy poverty. 

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