Samson Wambuzi

Co-founder & Program Director, Yiya Engineering Solutions


Samson is a Ugandan social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Yiya. He is a prayerful and playful lifelong teacher and learner who is best known in workshops for his creative and fun energizers, which always get teachers out of their seats dancing and laughing! Samson achieved his Bachelors of Science in secondary math and physics education at Makerere University in Uganda, and hasn’t stopped learning since. Every year he enrolls in at least one more online course to learn something new! Samson gained his experience in curriculum design, teacher training, and program management working first in the Ugandan school system and then at the internationally recognized NGO Educate! While working at Educate!, Samson and a fellow science-loving colleague developed the idea for Yiya, which launched in 2016.


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