Sharon Bort

Manager, Community Programming, MIT Solve

Sharon Bort is the Manager of Community Programming at Solve. She brings deep enthusiasm for social impact to Solve, where she cultivates new partnerships between innovators and leaders around the world to find, scale, and support solutions to global challenges. Additionally, she connects and creates engagement opportunities for Solve's community of Solver teams, Members, Partners, mentors, and the MIT ecosystem. Previously, Sharon served as the Senior Officer for Solve’s Sustainability Community, which focuses on topics such as energy, environment, climate change, agriculture, and water. Before joining Solve, Sharon worked as HR Manager for Hubway, Metro-Boston’s bike share service. Prior to Hubway, she worked as Sustainability Coordinator for Wellesley College. Outside of work, Sharon is an avid traveler, cyclist, podcast listener, gardener, and baker. She holds a BA in Global Environmental Studies from Clark University and an MBA in Sustainability from Antioch New England University. 


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