Mr. Shuvajit Payne

Head of Education, Barefoot College


Mr. Shuvajit Payne presently leads the education initiatives of Barefoot College, aiming to evolve the 40 year old successful night school model into an exemplary quality digital education solution for remote rural underprivileged communities who are outside the ambit of electricity access or connectivity. The digital night school model has proven its potential in taking the conversation and action around issues of gender, rights and environment directly to affected children of fringe tribal communities, defining a new social normal.

Previously, Shuvajit has had a diverse career graph ranging from process management in MNCs, to M&E, ICT and programme strategy in non-profits. Post an initial corporate stint, his volunteering experience in the development sector inspired him to take up a critical leadership role in the SBI Youth for India Fellowship, encouraging today’s youth to participate in rural development. Today, the Fellowship and other projects that Shuvajit has undertaken with different NGOs and corporate foundations, have achieved remarkable scale thereby authoring significant change at the grassroots. Beyond his profession, Shuvajit is a published travel photographer.


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