Standing Rock Community Development Corporation

, Standing Rock CDC

United States

Standing Rock CDC emerged out of conversations happening among the people of Standing Rock. We envision a sustainable future based on Lakota and Dakota values. The SRCDC plans to build off the momentum of our community to move toward sustainability to develop economic and housing opportunities, youth programs, green energy development and food sovereignty projects. We want the SRCDC to be a tool of the people to share their views of the future and craft these ideas into reality. Through a series of intensive community engagement, SRCDC team will work to create a planning document that reflects the views of Standing Rock members, especially our youth, as a path to move forward. This plan will provide a roadmap for the SRCDC to build the foundation for future generations to realize a self-sustainable nation. The youth in our community have a vision for their future and we will work closely with them to implement and guide our mission. SRCDC will implement our mission through the vision of our youth. As the plan for a sustainable community evolves, we will make our decisions based in Lakota/Dakota values and protecting and building for our next seven generations. We have accomplished our first round of community engagement sessions and have received powerful feedback that we will put together in our sustainable plan. We have also identified the first strategic steps over the next three years for our organization to flourish.


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