Victor Kortenhaus D. Miranda

Packaging Director, South America Sustainability & Packaging, Ambev


Victor Kortenhaus is Packaging Director at Ambev/AB-INBEV’s South America operations. With vast experience in the sustainability and procurement team, Victor’s responsibility compromise developing and executing the company’s strategy on sustainability for packaging materials.

As part of his role, Victor participates as judge and mentor on Ambev’s Accelerator program which in 2 years has reviewed 1,000+ start-ups, developed commercial agreements with 10 in 2019 and mentoring 39.

Ambev has committed in 2018 to have 100% of our products in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content until 2025. Recently it has extended its commitment to eliminate the plastic pollution from its packaging by the same deadline, with solutions that goes from reducing/eliminating plastic from its products, increasing its recycled content and developing new technologies with its partners.

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